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APT Manufacturing Solutions was founded in January of 1996. It was designed to be a company constantly at the cutting edge of technology to utilize the most state-of-the-art software within our field. We have established our reputation by building long-term relationships with our customers while providing them with a vendor that can meet their needs through superior client service. APT currently has customers throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Israel, Mexico, and Europe. 

We are a full-service company staffed with an ever-growing work force and excellent customer base. The company is organized into several different departments, including: machine building, automation, gauge & fixture design, inspection, fabricating, general machining, heat treating, polishing & de-burring, engineering, machine controls, and CNC production. Each department has its own dedicated staff, yet every department works hand-in-hand with each other to create the best possible products for our customers.

APT Manufacturing Solutions is one of the largest machine shops in our area with over 80 employees, including a 11 Mechanical Engineers & 5 Electrical Conrols and Robot Engineers who is committed to achieving our clients' toughest goals. Our 55,000 square foot building is a controlled atmosphere with heating and air conditioning in order to adhere to the highest standards of quality. Recently added 11,200 sq ft for welding with a 7-1/2 ton overhead crane

APT Manufacturing Solutions is a progressive company that is always ready to forge ahead to the next level. Give me a call today to discuss your company's specific needs.